Support Us

The MAMA Art Foundation aims to  continually update our art collection and provide a way for people to enjoy the act of giving by contributing money or art to MAMA.

We need community contributions to enhance the MAMA collection. We want to encourage local communities and visitors to the region to experience, appreciate and learn about the value of art. We also want our donors and
contributors to experience the joy of giving. This two way exchange will enhance the community contribution to our wonderful MAMA.

The MAMA collection is well known for its photographic content and National Photographic Prize. Both are fully supported by the Foundation. We have also contributed to a range of other Gallery acquisitions and activities.

The benefit of your gift or bequest will be long lasting. Your name will always be associated with the art, purchased or donated. An appropriate acknowledgement will be seen when the work is displayed.

Contributions can go towards the acquisition or preservation of art or used to benefit MAMA.

If you wish to contribute via a bequest, appropriate legal advice should be obtained when drawing up your Will. The Foundation is available to assist by discussing your wish to share the joy of giving and to support the future of