National Photography Prize 2020 Opens with 12 Finalists

Foundation members were able to preview the outstanding work of the 12 finalists in this year’s National Photography Prize, on the eve of the exhibition opening. 

This year’s exhibition features a series of key recent works from each of the 12 finalists: Anthea Behm, Danica Chappell, Elise Harmsen, Ali McCann, Hayley Millar-Baker, Kent Morris, Sarah Mosca, Phuong Ngo, Lillian O’Neil, Emma Phillips, Debra Phillips and Justine Varga.

Special guest artists Elise Harmsen and Phuong Ngo gave personal insight into their work, as part of an exhibition tour with MAMA Curator Michael Moran.

One artist from among the finalists will be awarded the $30,000 acquisitive first prize, and one emerging artist will be awarded the $5000 John & Margaret Baker Memorial Fellowship at a special event on 2 May. The guest judge for 2020 is Elias Redstone, Artistic Director of PHOTO 2020.